Friday, 16 July 2010

sexy necks, and some notes

There's something about a neck, right? I think so.


-so maybe it's not classy to talk about your stats, but you guys, there are so many of you! My stats log makes me smile as it grows every day. I'm so excited to be connecting with so many people. I wish I could meet you all. As always, feel free to contact me: inajarblog at gmail dot com.

-it's been hella hot here, sapping all my of desire to pick cute work outfits. Hence the dearth of outfit pics. Forgive me?

-yesterday was I love blogs day, a day to pass on recommendations for cool bloggers, so click the link in my sidebar, and thumbs-up to all participating bloggers! I obviously wasn't in on it, but I've been enjoying reading everyone else's recommendations.

Photos: not sure where from (via nineteen candles)

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