Thursday, 22 July 2010

Friendship Necklaces

In my tweens, I went through a major frienship-bracelet-making craze. Those things were bartered like gold in grade five, and I still have one given to me by the "that cool artsy girl" of my class. I spent hours learning to re-create it.

While it's been a while and I'm out of practice, I think I have enough remaining skills (not to mention yards of embroidery floss) to make these cute necklaces with the project from Honestly... WTF blog, inspired by Vogue. I forgot how pretty all the colours are! And I love adding the wachers and nuts to push them to the next level (and conveniently weigh them down).


  1. I had a friendship rock, a friendship t-shirt, I have my friendship ring that I wear around my neck now... My friend and I used to declare every item we shared a "friendhip" one!
    Gawd I miss those days!

  2. oh my! that's a very tempting use for all this embroidery floss that school has left me with.

  3. Great idea the belt way!


  4. Love those friendship necklace days!

    These are so cool, love the colors and how they can be layered.