Thursday, 29 July 2010

Jazz-Age Dance Party

Let's go to this party!

At times, I sort of feel like I've been born in the wrong age. At times like these when I see the outfits, the dancing, the bands... me and the Roaring Twenties would have gotten along well... certainly my rectangle shape and love for all things Art Deco lead me to believe so, in any case.
What age would you have liked live through?


  1. I am swooning over that ivory dress in the last picture! So gorgeous.

  2. I would have loved the 60's. I discovered this love after watching Breakfast at Tiffany's recently.
    I love the clothes, furniture, hair, makeup... but most of all I love Bosa Nova!
    I wish I could have attended a house pool party in those days, you know, where the patio door of the living room (with shag carpetting) is wide open and leads to the pool in the yard.

  3. For style, 1970s.
    For substance, 1770s.

  4. @cahiersducinemonde Isn't it the best?

    @Adria you rock.