Friday, 30 July 2010

Day Off

I love having a day off. I slept in, and had lots of time to play with some new makeup and make plans. I'm also having a fabulously good hair day! Here are some pictures I took with my computer webcam since I was home alone.

I don't wear this shirt often enough. It's from my mom and the back is all lace cutouts. Lovely and light for summer.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Good Lookin' Friends

Don't I have attractive, stylish friends? We picked a sunny day this past weekend and all wore pretty, summery dresses. It was a lovely weekend.

I love this new romper thing. Dress and shorts - best of both worlds (but not frumpy like another double duty garments... skorts anyone?). It's H&M but I got it from a consignment store, and the tag is in Swedish, I think, so maybe it's from Sweden!

Edit: Davis (she of the pretty red and grey dress, above) reminds me that as we walk through the mall, we were stopped my an American Apparel scout who told us we all looked stylish and suggested we apply to work there! We were more interested in getting to our breakfast.

Jazz-Age Dance Party

Let's go to this party!

At times, I sort of feel like I've been born in the wrong age. At times like these when I see the outfits, the dancing, the bands... me and the Roaring Twenties would have gotten along well... certainly my rectangle shape and love for all things Art Deco lead me to believe so, in any case.
What age would you have liked live through?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Short Week

I'm recovering from an excellent and action-packed long weekend with friends from out of town. I even looked cute during the weekend, so I'll share some pictures (I finally bought a romper! Win!).

Here is an excellent picture from the Sartorialist. Isn't this a good lookin', stylish couple? They look like they're out for a lazy Sunday brunch, after sleeping in. Mmm. I love her shoes.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Pull and Bear SS2010

I love this soft, comfy look from Pull and Bear SS 2010. Scarves all year round... definitely my style. I am in fact wearing one today - I will post it next week.

I have some friends coming to town for a visit, so I'll try to remember to take lots of photos this weekend and wear something cute to share here!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Friendship Necklaces

In my tweens, I went through a major frienship-bracelet-making craze. Those things were bartered like gold in grade five, and I still have one given to me by the "that cool artsy girl" of my class. I spent hours learning to re-create it.

While it's been a while and I'm out of practice, I think I have enough remaining skills (not to mention yards of embroidery floss) to make these cute necklaces with the project from Honestly... WTF blog, inspired by Vogue. I forgot how pretty all the colours are! And I love adding the wachers and nuts to push them to the next level (and conveniently weigh them down).

Alexander Wang bags

If I didn't already own a Roots bag with a similar design, I would be all over these purses. One of each I think, yes? I'm such a sucker for a slouchy bag large enough to fit a novel...
From Alexander Wang Resort 2011 (via Refinery 29)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Blazer Fix

I'm getting a little sick of black, black, black work clothes. I just want to wear my summer dresses all the time. Structured jacket + breezy summer dress = perfect Monday outfit.

I'm a big ring fan, so I like to pile them on!

Edit: Wow, it's July and I still look pasty. How attractive.

Photos: by my sister
Dress: Kimchi Blue
Jacket: Zara (via consignment store)
Earrings: Xcetera
Rings: (from left) claddagh ring, my boyfriend's class ring, ring from market stand, graduation present with my initial.

Ellen and Joe

I just saw Inception with Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levit. I loved the movie, and would love to discuss why I disagree with the spotty reviews, but for this post, I will just say that it was great and I want to hang out with both of these gorgeous people. Ellen Page is from Halifax, and I guess the Hali-pride has rubbed off on me; I spent the first half of the movie thinking "aww! Ellen! Look at you! Having an introspective moment with Leonardo DiCaprio!"

If I knew Joseph Gordon-Levit in real life, do you think he'd let me call him Joe?

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday - I had a hard rugby practice and then a murderous headache. In fact, my sleep has been off all week. Someone tell my cat not to wake me up at 5am tomorrow, mmk?

Monday, 19 July 2010

Two World Pants

Oh my God. Comfy enough for lounging, cool enough for daily fashion statements, and all in my favourite soft grey? These might be a need and not a want. I'd sure like them right now, to soften my weekend-lounging-to-Monday-working-wear transition.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Some Lips

I'm not sure I could pull off this orange lipstick, but I have been experimenting with lip colour lately. Right now I love a magentaish-red shade, but I want to try all kinds.
Also, this pic gives me serious hair-envy, as I gaze at my own painfully straight and boring hair...

Coming next week to the blog: more outfits, and one-month birthday!

Photos: via imgspark

sexy necks, and some notes

There's something about a neck, right? I think so.


-so maybe it's not classy to talk about your stats, but you guys, there are so many of you! My stats log makes me smile as it grows every day. I'm so excited to be connecting with so many people. I wish I could meet you all. As always, feel free to contact me: inajarblog at gmail dot com.

-it's been hella hot here, sapping all my of desire to pick cute work outfits. Hence the dearth of outfit pics. Forgive me?

-yesterday was I love blogs day, a day to pass on recommendations for cool bloggers, so click the link in my sidebar, and thumbs-up to all participating bloggers! I obviously wasn't in on it, but I've been enjoying reading everyone else's recommendations.

Photos: not sure where from (via nineteen candles)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Blanket Fashion

Sitting in an over air-conditioned office all day, I spend most of my days with a sweater on. So (until I step outside) I can well remember time spent strategizing how to stay as warm and cozy outside as under your blanket. I rather like the idea of bringing the blanket with me! This sounds totally un-chic, but she pulls it off

Gamine II: With a Bike!

Simply fab. Perfectly classic, and I love the colourful bike. I'm such a bike watcher now, with my beautiful new bike.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

All Black

The week before last, I took advantage of the cool before the extreme heat storm (yowza) to wear my blazer again. I wanted to try all black in the summer time, just for fun. It went well - I got checked out in the elevator, which freaked out my boss. "I feel like I should call your mother!" is what she told me after.

Photos: by my sister
Blazer: BCBGMaxazaria
Skirt: Costa Blanca
Camisole: Ralph Lauren (via consignment store)
Shoes: BCBGMaxazaria (via consignment store)
Necklace: consignment

Fashion Fan

I love fans - cute and practical. Aha! A perfect accessory.
Photo: Le Fashion

Top Knot

I'm seriously addicted to fun little knots high on the back of my head. Double duty: cute, and keeps my hair from acting like a neck blanket in the summer heat.
Photo: from here (via imagespark)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Glasses Found

So I hunted around a bit and found the glasses! Hurray! I will go try some on... maybe I'm due for new glasses.

Lingerie Francaise

I love the idea to use dancers on the catwalk at this recent event in Toronto. Beautiful.

Photos: 1 & 2 the Globe and Mail

Hunter Boots

It's rainy outside today and I'm going to a festival concert later and I'm dreaming of these Hunter wellies to wear with my cut-off jean shorts. Sigh.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Blue Jean Overalls

I give a big thumbs down to this overalls trend. Worse? This pair from BDG (via Urban Outfitters) are $98. If you must embrace this trend go to a thrift store. People throw these away every day.

Blogging Out Loud

Last Wednesday, I participated in an event called Blog Out Loud Ottawa. I read from my other blog, In a Jar, but rep'ed my new blog by wearing a cute dress. It was a lot of fun! This is a picture of me up at the mic.

Pauline from Brightest Blue gave me a cute hair piece shoutout on her blog. Thanks, Pauline!

Glasses, Please

I love Kelly Cutrone very much (read more about that here) - she's the reason I watch The City. When I saw her in these glasses, I was majorly impressed. They're the perfect mix of square and rectangular, and not too heavy across the top (my main issue with those ubiquitous Ray-Bans). I want them! I wish I knew where they're from...

Friday, 9 July 2010

Happy Weekend

I am going to try to stay busy this weekend with friends and projects, so I hope you have a great weekend!

PS: If you're the online shopping type, check out Refinery 21's guide to great online sales, on now.

Photo: via The Sartorialist

Hot Week

It's been blisteringly hot here in Ottawa all week - hence the need for breezy summer dresses, and cool linen. This shirt saved me on the hottest day so far this week.

I'm also super psyched about that key necklace - I made it on the fly the other night by sliding a chain through a key I found in my drawer. Cute, yes?

Photos: by my sister
Blouse: The Gap (via consignment store)
Skirt: Costa Blanca
Earrings: consignment store
Necklace: Made by me!


For some reason, I've tended toward dating tall, lanky, nearsighted, boyishly-cute guys. That's right... geeks. And I love them on TV! My number one TV geek boy? Sam Seaborn from the West Wing (I have told my boyfriend that I would leave him for Sam Seaborn, were he real and we met). Do you love geeky boys as much as I do? This book is for us.

PS: Michael Cera on the cover made me think of you, Jennifer!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Slouchy Blouses

When it's hot and sunny, a slouchy blouse is SO amazing. They're airy and breezy while keeping the sun off. This is good since I never remember to put on sunscreen (except on my face).

With shiny pants (a la Lucy Laught) or shorts or skirts, they look great. I am partial to linen myself, but I am on the hunt for a thinner one too, maybe...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Mariposa Music Festival

I love old pictures, especially ones from the seventies; they're so beautiful and capture the time. These are from the Mariposa Music Festival, which is celebrating 50 years this year and uploaded old stuff from their archives.

These two are special to me because they feature my dad! He performed at the festival in 1970. Here, he is leading a banjo workshop. He's the one with the banjo and mutton chops. It's a stretch to make these fashion-related, but that look would totally work today! Maybe minus the mutton chops.