Thursday, 9 September 2010

A Real Fashion Blogger?

Dress is consignment (Matty M on the tag); shoes are Steve Madden, jacket is Gap Kids (so shrunken!), the bag is vintage. Earrings from my boyfriend, purchased in Jerusalem
+Rocking my CBC pin!

Wow, is it ever fun to be back, but strange to hear so much about my blog from people! When I was in Ottawa, I mostly talked about it, but here people mention it to me all the time. I seem to have gotten a reputation for style... a good reputation, I hope! I get asked about styling advice now often, and one of the residence dons and I are going to plan a vintage clothing store tour of Halifax to do with res students! So much fun. (Also, if you have recommendations for awesome vintage/consignment on the peninsula, downtown preferred, let me know...)

This grey dress I'm wearing I bought here in Halifax when I was just visiting, trying out King's in grade 12. It's consignment (I love you, Elsie's). It also has two layers, so it's thick enough to skim over all my bulges, but a little warm at times... I had to hold it up while I was standing in the chapel so I wouldn't sweat. When I'm walking around, I bunch it up in one hand and hold it, so it hangs and I feel very ladylike. Long dresses can be tricky to wear and not look formal, but I think I pulled off this daytime look! I certainly got compliments (thank you to all!).

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  1. The dress is beeeeaaautiful :) Also, Gap Kids, for the win! I spend most of my time on that side of the store trying to figure out if I can fit into a Kid's 14. They have some adoooorable clothes.