Thursday, 2 September 2010

Now in Halifax

shirt: consignment - shorts: Fossl jeans, cut off by me - scarf: vintage - ring: from NastyGal - shoes: Steve Madden

Well, here are my first tries at working with a tripod. It was a little awkward and strange, because I knew people were around on the quad of my school, so I tried to pick a slow time and stuck close to one corner! I'm sure I'll come up with some sort of method as the year goes on.

It's very hot here (30 degrees Celsius and up!), so my hair is always up and shorts with flowy shirts are the way to go!

PS: Do you like my new hair colour?

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  1. Yay for tripods! But I know exactly what you mean, it is definitely a little awkward, as where a person photographing you can just stop/put the camera down while people walk by, the tripod is still obviously standing there. Sometimes when people walk by I crouch down by the tripod pretending I'm taking photos of something else! Haha! I'm heading down to Hali this weekend for a family visit (my sister is moving out west so we're getting some family time in before she goes!) - here's hoping hurricane earl isn't too terrible!