Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gym Shorts

shirt from H&M; AA bandeau; necklace from Pyrrha

Well, has frosh week ever been busy! But it has been fun to catch up with friends I haven't seen all summer. Some of them have even mentioned that they read this blog! I love hearing that.

Though the weather has turned quite cool in Halifax, I have a couple outfits left over from last week when it was blisteringly hot and humid. Hurricane Earl came through and dealt with that for us (and soaked everyone on frosh move-in day). These photos are from a day I was feeling too shy to shoot outside, and too warm to wear anything beside gym shorts. I tried to make them look cute...

Hopefully I'll get up my nerve some day soon and show you my fantastic new plaid skirt and more.

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  1. omg your necklace!! is that one of the pendants that's mold was made from an old wax seal???