Friday, 15 April 2011

I feel it coming

Shoes: Saturn Cutout Wedge/ Jeffrey Campbell/ $208

I can't stop thinking about these shoes. I dream about them at night...

I wrote my last exam last night, I have a take-home exam today and then I launch into a hellish weekend of research paper-ing... but then I'm all done. My first issue as co-editor of The Watch has been sent to the printer, and I've been working hard! Hard enough for a reward?


  1. Those shoes are intense! Love the color blocking! Congrats on writing the last exam... just get that paper out of the way, then freeeeedom!

  2. I am of an "always already entitled to beautiful shoes" philosophy

  3. ooh those shoes, those shoes!! Amazingly beautiful, chic, and with just the right mix of edge. LOVE! And best of luck with the weekend exam. xx veronika

  4. Thanks for the shoe support. Resistance may be futile. And it feels SO GOOD to be done exams!