Thursday, 21 April 2011

Coral + Leopard



H&M Coral Skirt, H&M sunglasses, necklace

I went to do some shopping since... well, I'm done school and I can! And then I worked at the desk and was bored so I took pictures of what I bought.

This necklace my mom gave me for Christmas. I believe she bought it while on a trip to England. I haven't really worn it much because I thought the chains she put it on were too long and I needed to swap them... but this week I've worn it every day. It's so beautiful! The middle stone is deep red, which is hard to tell from the pictures.

So I bought a new SD card! Hurray. It is my "summer resolution" to carry my camera around with me as much as possible, so I bought a bigger card. It is 4X bigger than my last one! Which would be more exciting if my last card weren't 2GB. Ahem. An upgrade was necessary.

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  1. 2GB is not so small. I remember when 512 meg cards were super expensive and basically only used by pros.