Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Givenchy Heels' Day 1

So, of course I couldn't resist wearing the shoes immediately. I was worried they wouldn't really be work appropriate (4.5 inch platform sandal/peeptoes with studs...) but I think pairing them with the light, feminine dress did the trick. I forgot to take a picture of the bag I was carrying, but it's not very exciting, so you're not missing out!

And walking in them was not as bad as I thought. Although I did lose the feeling in my big toe periodically. But they make my legs look so good...

Photos: Taken by my sister.
Dress: From Sweetpea in Halifax, NS
Cardigan: Jacob, from consignment store.
Shoes: Givenchy, from consignment store.


  1. Cute!! Hoorah for your first outfit post! Keep 'em coming! The shoes look fantastic on you!