Thursday, 24 February 2011

Still loving it

I will always love a nice top-of-the-head knot. Even though low buns are on-trend for spring, apparently. The longer my hair gets, the better the buns!

PS: I am drooling over Bee's orange-red J Crew blazer.

First photo from Atlantic-Pacific
Second photo from because im addicted [sic]


  1. Looove the high bun. I always have my hair in a bun, but I don't think it's nice and fluffy like the one in these pictures. Need to practice!
    I also used to sport the "Shower bun"- shower in the morning and no time to do my hair.
    The ones that you fuss over less and do WITHOUT the mirror always turn out better.

  2. Totally. I rock the shower bun all the time.