Thursday, 18 November 2010


a quick snap

art deco brooch

birthday drinks

I have a new iPhone - it was a birthday present from my family, and I got it when I went home last week. It's such a neat object, and a useful tool... and a toy. I've been playing with it all the time since I got it. (My boyfriend jokes I only pay attention to the phone these days...)

I downloaded a free app called "Instamatic" that takes pictures and then adds neat filters. Unlike with "hipstamatic", another popular photo app, this one allows you to more control with the filters and this one saves the original as well. Highly recommend it.

Here are a few shots I've taken so far.

1 - Testing out the camera in my bedroom
2 - The new Art Deco brooch I mentioned
3 - Fancy birthday drinks with friends

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