Thursday, 5 August 2010

Jeans + Scarf

This scarf is my most favourite scarf (and I have loads of them!). It came into my life at a Value Village a few years ago. My bohemienne of a friend convinced me I'd find tons of fantastic things there, which I did not. I bought a few other things, but the only thing I still own is this scarf. It came with a whole outfit, which I didn't buy, but managed to get it on its own. It's been through a lot - almost lost it a few times, worn it more ways than I can count, gotten various things on it which I have lovingly hand-washed out - and it's my favourite.

Do you have favourite scarves? Or favourite other items of clothing?

Photos: by my sister
Scarf: Value Village, no tag
Cardigan: consignment, no tag
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Shoes: from DSW
Top: Aritzia
Ring: from a consignment store in Halifax


  1. I call my favorite scarf "Babuchka" or "my russian". I bring it with me when I travel.
    I have blogged about it in my 10 favorite things to bring with me when I travel!

  2. my favorite scarf was found when i was in line at h&m, someone had tossed it in a bin it didn't belong in, i guess they second guessed the buy on the way to the cash. It reminds me of one of my friends that's moved because i'm preeettttty sure she had the same one. it's got a light side and a dark side to fit any mood or outfit!!