Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Erin Wasson on Fashion and Feminism

From Refinery 29

What's your response to people who say that loving fashion is anti-feminist?

"Here's the thing about the fashion business: Most of it is run by gay men who will never be able to completely understand a woman...I think there is a lack of a true connection with what a woman really is. Of course, there will always be designers like Donna Karan and Diane von Furstenburg. But people have asked me if I've ever felt objectified in photo shoots and campaigns and I always say: I'm going to do what I feel comfortable with. If is was ever a point where I don't feel comfortable, then I'm not going to do it.

"Sex sells. We're all sexual beings, we all like to have sex, we all like to talk about sex. We all like watching sexual energy and chemistry ignite in front of us. It's exciting, it's human nature. So to use an element of sex in fashion to get people excited and to pay attention is human nature. Americans are so prude. It really bothers me.

"But at the end of the day, nobody really cares about a male model, I mean, lets [sic] be real. Nobody gets excited about the next "It" guy. Here's a business where if you look at a male model and a female model, guess what? We make more money. And that's fucking empowering." --Erin Wasson

What's really empowering here? Erin Wasson is a woman on a mission, getting her creative voice out there, taking control of her career and remaining true to herself. Now that's what I call a role model.

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