Monday, 14 March 2011

Spring Hair

I love this cute hair DIY - I will definitely be trying it out for summer!

On a related note, I want to get some dry shampoo to help me out with some cute summer hair. Does anyone have recommendations for good brands? I'm hoping for something not too expensive, that you can purchase in Canada.


  1. Yo, I live of dry shampoo. Now that my hair is so long it's become a serious hassle to wash it, so I normally go like four or five days in between. And thus live off dry shampoo and leave in conditioner to keep me going without being a total gross-out Batiste is the best brand in my opinion, and I've been able to find it in Jean Coutou (don't know what the English Canada version of that is) and I've heard that Zellers has it too. Tresemme also makes one, but it's not as good (doesn't smell as nice and doesn't leave your hair as nice). It works in a pinch though. I also would defs go for the dry spray over the mousse one that they make.

    As you can see from this tome: dry shampoo is my favourite product ever ever, haha

  2. PS, those both run from about $10 - $15 a can, and last me about three or four weeks. And I use it A LOT. Like, every day when I don't wash my hair. Sometimes even on those days cause the texture it gives is the best.

  3. Girl, I bought it. It's fab. I have no idea if I'm using it right though.

  4. Hi, fellow Haligonian! I have to second the Batiste recommendation - I love the stuff, and I've been able to find it at both Shoppers Drug Marts downtown. It helps if you don't spray it directly on your part, since those hairs'll look a little grey. Shake, spray it on, tousle your hair in it a bit, let it sit for a few minutes, and then brush it through, and you should be good to go! Hope this helps. :)