Monday, 17 January 2011






Shirt: North Forty Four (from my dad) | Skirt: Kling | Socks: Hot Sox | Boots: riding boots | Bag: Nila Anthony | Necklace: Pyrrha | Ring: NastyGal

I love knee-high socks. Inspired by Atlantic Pacific, here and here and especially Jane of See Jane here, I pulled out my knee socks last week. I will be doing that more! Tights under knee socks deal with the whole socks-constantly-falling-down thing.

Also, I have to thank my adorable sister for buying me this bag for Christmas. my first piece from Spotted Moth - and she wrapped it up in a weird box to trick me. Turned out we both bought one another bags in the same colour - I got hers from H&M. Sister-intuition!

Happy Monday!

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