Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Colour Story

Never Let Me Go came to a theatre near me this week. I knew I wanted to see it because of the cast (Andrew Garfield! Carey Mulligan!) but I hadn't actually seen the trailer. Now that I have, I am even more excited. For some reason, I am very attracted to aesthetics in movies, so much so that sometimes I will watch the movie again even if I didn't like it. I love the muted tons and... well, the Britishness of it all. My mom was just in England on a trip - I'm very jealous!

I was also inspired by this movie in another way - a change you'll see soon!

PS: I know I promised photos, but something has gone wrong with my uploader and hosting. I need to look around to find a new one. Any advice? I use Picasa right now, but I'm not happy. (It's why my banner is messed up and photo size and quality isn't as good, even at the same settings as before). I really do want to share my awesome photos with you, so be patient? (I'm having a hard time with that one...)


  1. My guess is.. you are getting bangs????

  2. Can you use Flickr? I use it and really like it. Easy to grab script for photos, works well with Blogger.